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Riding is just what we do...Recovery is who we are.

These patches are to help our children who may also be recovering from their own hurts, habits, and hang-ups. The hope is we supply our children with tools to help them later in life and positively promote unity.

In growing a stronger forever family, we are excited our children who share our love of motorcycles, can also join us in our discipleship. Our child can share in our victories as much as some have shared in our hurts! In building a community where they will grow in their Love for Jesus Christ, gain some tools, and possible mentors to assist them in the battles ahead in life.

Daniella Murrieta

Broken Chains JC National Junior Coordinator
We request you pray and talk with your children as to the commitment, benefits, and understanding of this program.
Below are the guidelines in place. If there are any additional questions, please contact Daniella Murrieta at
  • The Child must be requested by an active BCJC member who is their parent/guardian who is actively in their own recovery program.

  • The child attends church on a regular basis and is actively participating in a Children’s program to increase their knowledge and build their relationship with Christ.

  • The child has confessed God as their Higher Power and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.

  • The child attends and understands BCJC events.

  • The parent/guardian is committed to holding the child accountable to a recovery/discipleship process that will teach the child to deal with their emotions appropriately.

  • The child has/is received/ing; therapy, mentoring, counseling, or help for past decisions if necessary. (i.e., individual, group, family, or church sponsored)

  • Juniors will be asked to perform 2 to 3 hours of service work in a month. (Replacement of dues)

  • Juniors will have a vetting process as well. Possibilities would include phone/zoom interview and/or contacting local POC.

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